Powerful and Secure
Call Center Solutions

for Payment Systems


Provide your customers with a personalized
and secure experience with our call center
solutions, specifically designed for payment
system providers. Deliver seamless, fast,
and reliable support with Tegsoft.                                                     











Why Choose

Personalized Experience with TTS: Enhance customer
satisfaction by providing a personalized experience
to callers with Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology.

Caller Identification and Prioritization: Optimize
customer service by identifying, prioritizing, and segmenting
callers effectively.

High-Security Verification Technologies: Ensure security with
regulatory-compliant methods such as SMS verification, TCKN
(Turkish Citizenship Number) verification, and customer
number verification.

Detailed Logging: Maintain full traceability by keeping
detailed, regulatory-compliant records of all technical
operations performed on the system.

BDDK Compliance: Our call center solutions meet all
the requirements mandated by the Banking Regulation
and Supervision Agency (BDDK).





How it works?


Easy Setup: Quickly and easily integrate our
call center solutions with your existing systems.

User-Friendly Interface: Enhance the productivity
of your call center staff with our intuitive and
user-friendly interface.

Seamless Communication: Maintain the highest
level of customer satisfaction with high-quality
voice and data transmission.

Powerful Analytics Tools: Analyze your call center
performance and continuously improve your business processes.




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