Text Based Contact Center

Meet our text-based contact center to reach your
customers who prefer only written communication.


Customer Habits Have Changed

They want to manage their customers' comments on social
media through the call center in order to respond as soon as possible.

They want to reach their customers as much as possible through all
available communication channels such as SMS or e-mail.

They want all these channels to be managed in a compiled way
by intermediaries.

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Text Based Contact Center

With the Text Based Contact Center, companies can
communicate with their customers through SMS, E-mail,
Webchat and Social Media channels.

Changes in customer habits are forcing call centers to go
beyond voice-only service.

Instead of calling the Contact Center for a service they want
to receive, customers may prefer to submit their requests via
social media.

Or, they may want to get instant answers via Webchat to their
questions about a product they have reviewed on the company's

How to Receive Whatsapp Message?

Video of sending a message from WhatsApp application
to Tegsoft application on single screen. While the user
sends a message from one screen, s/he replies from
another screen.


Customer Review

When we centralized our structures with Tegsoft, we were able to better monitor how we progressed in every field. When you can watch, you can generate  development ideas. When you come up with an idea, if you stand behind it, you naturally grow as a structure. Here, I can say that Tegsoft's contribution to us is quite large.

Hüseyin Yerçok - Customer Services Manager, FuzulEv


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