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Tegsoft is a global leader in cloud software and all-in-one communication platform that can provide the best customer experience. Our aim is to make YOU happy, and we do this by providing you with the BEST communication platform there is. 



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Choose Your Plan


All our plans have these features by default for free!

  • CheckTegsoftCRM Features
  • CheckReady Made Integrations & APIs
  • CheckVoice Recording, Reporting and Analysis
  • CheckVoice Mail
  • CheckAdvanced Reporting
  • CheckAdvanced IVR Features
  • CheckOnline Education 
  • CheckOnline Support

Inbound Agent

Customer Services Team
  • CheckAgent and Queue Management
  • CheckAgent Screen and Dashboard
  • CheckEmbedded Webphone
  • CheckAdvanced Agent & Queue Report


Outbound Agent

Tele- Sales Teams
  • CheckPreview Dialer
  • CheckProgressive Dialer
  • CheckPredictive Dialer
  • CheckAgent Screen and Dashboard
  • CheckEmbedded Webphone
  • CheckAdvanced Campaign Reports


Blended Agent

Customer Services & Tele-Sales Teams
  • CheckAgent and Queue Management
  • CheckPreview, Progressive and Predictive Dialers 
  • CheckAgent Screen and Dashboard 
  • CheckEmbedded Webphone 
  • CheckAdvanced Reporting 

Omnichanel Agent

All Channels
  • CheckBlended Agent all features
  • CheckText Messaging & Social Media
  • CheckWhatsapp Integration
  • CheckAgent Screen and Dashboard
  • CheckEmbedded Webphone
  • CheckAdvanced Reporting




What can we give YOU?


Omnichannel Customer Journey
Omnichannel Customer Journey

We cover all your communication needs through voice, webchat, email, messaging apps, and social media channels.

Integration Amenities
Integration Amenities

We know the power of data. Therefore, we can provide you a wide range open APIs for any 3rd party software integrations.

Passion for Innovation
Passion for Innovation

We are a passionate team who innovate relentlessly and are very proud to do it together with our customers.


Who Is Tegsoft?

Tegsoft was established in 2008, born in Turkey, Tegsoft has grown exponentially to 15 different countries, most recently South Africa, we are continually searching for ways of connecting businesses with their customers in the most consumer-friendly manner possible

We believe that; accurately and methodically designed software is the key for an efficient, orderly contact center. A systematically functioning contact center is a vital source of income for an organization and symbolises its reputation.

Obtain the best contact with customers and prospects

We can talk the talk


Because Tegsoft is spread over 15 countries, all of whom have native language support,
this means by default, Tegsoft has 25 different languages to support its products.






Why Tegsoft?


We are very proud to share that, Tegsoft was elected as one of the 20 Most Promising Contact Center Providers among over 500 companies with its innovative technologies and unrivalled customer experience. Today, as Tegsoft, we are a leader in Web-Based Call Center Software Provider with a local market share of 60%. We have been working for nine years, and we are raising our overseas market targets each year and exporting “software” by the help of 25-language support and strong strategic partnerships.

Obtain the best contact with customers and prospects
Keep Patient Information Secure
Our View On Partnerships


Partnership is a state of mind for us Companies running contact centers do not only require excellent services, but they also need co-working partners that work together like a well-oiled machine. Our partners are simply extensions of us, and we value them and hold them in high regard. Partnerships that work together to offer ideas and create solutions is essential for this partnership. All Tegsoft products are provided to the market via trained and experienced Business Partners.



Our Unique Selling Points UPSP


Ready to use in minutes!

Our Cloud platform comes already specialised for your industry, so it can be ready to use in less than 20 minutes (Is that all? I hear you ask!!!)


We use state-of-art Technologies

All Tegsoft products have been built by using the most current technology. To provide hardware-independent, high-capacity, and quality meeting facilities, Tegsoft uses IBM DB2 as a database, CentOS as an operating system and Java as the software development platform in our products. Tegsoft cloud is built on IBM Cloud Infrastructure, a true enterprise cloud platform. Only the best for our customers!



Passion for Innovation

The sky is the limit! - from a Single Agent to Thousands

Tegsoft has the same interface for all product families. It supports from only one Agent to a thousand over one single server. Tegsoft cloud is nearly limitless and suits all your communication needs!


A bridge between software and communication world

It is the best software tool to handle telecommunication needs and the best tool for a telecommunication company to manage high traffic and software integrations. Tegsoft is a flexible software and 100% reliable as a telecommunication product.


If needed, just drop us a line.

Contact Center Software | Cloud Contact Center

It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

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We happily offer and present to you the Tegsoft platform! We can provide you with either a free on-premise demo or a 30-day money payback guaranteed demo on Cloud together with our partners.

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